Wight Vodka Supports 2022 J-Cup

“We’re so excited to continue our partnership with J/Boats…it must be coming up to our 11th year by now but who’s counting?! (Kinda like the number of Wight Vodka martini’s that one might slowly enjoy over the course of an evening!)” commented Ritu Manocha, head of operations and tastings at 50 Degrees North, the team behind the Wight Vodka lifestyle.

And indeed, it’s true.  J/Boats and Wight Vodka have been partners for over 10 years, where winners of their respective classes will take home bottles of Wight to enjoy with friends in their galleys and Wight Vodka swag to show off on shore in the pubs.  

“The passion and enthusiasm for all things ‘ocean life’ are shared by both Wight Vodka and J/Boats.” Ritu continued.  “We started the Wight Vodka brand when we were on the Solent after a day on the water, and began discussing what we wanted to quench our thirsts as we headed back into the Hamble and likely over to the King & Queen.  We went from G&Ts to beer, to rum & cokes to wine.  When it dawned upon us that no one had previously said ‘I know…let’s start a vodka company with a direct link to the yachting and regatta fraternity.’  Bing…Wight Vodka was borne…easy as that!”

Jai Ho,J109,Jago,Fleet,

Well..it wasn’t that easy to be fair.  As the family-run start-up went from thinking they should buy a potato farm and setup a distillery, to quickly realising they’d need millions of pounds in the bank to launch such a venture.  “Hence, we were taken under the wing by Charles Maxwell, who came from six generations of British distillers, who helped us navigate the relatively complex world of launching a spirits brand.  He really helped us make WV come to life…”

Connor Hiza, head of customer satisfaction, added “Since our launch in the early 2000’s we’ve had the pleasure of working with so many of the world’s greatest yacht clubs and brands.  We’ve met great people, passionate people…and yes highly competitive people (on the water at least!).  We’ve worked with the RORC to Little Britain, the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda to the Isle of Wight Festival, Ferrari (yes land based!), Sunseeker (yes combustion-engine-based but on the water!), to Corby and so many others.  But working with the crews at Key Yachting and J/Boats is very special…as it’s been a long-term match made in heaven, or perhaps a match made on the water and in the pubs at night afterwards!”

Eat Sleep J Repeat,J70

Here’s to the ‘Best in Class’ winners of this year’s Key Yachting J-Cup Regatta…may the fastest crew enjoy their Wight Vodka in whatever cocktail their skipper prefers…but remember Wight Vodka’s Tagline to ‘Tack & Gybe Responsibly!’  (Yep…trademarked!)

Learn more about Wight Vodka here: https://www.wightvodka.com