The J/45 is here and ready when you are! Level up your experience for the next sailing season.

As J/Boats say, “it is time to expand your bucket list with the new J/45”, and we at Key Yachting could not agree more. This vessel is awe-inspiring, aspirational and for those who really do want the best of both comfort and performance.

J:45 2

The Key Yachting team were lucky enough to work with this vessel alongside our J/Boat partners at the Cannes Festival of Yachting earlier this September. Ten of these boats are sold worldwide, including to the UK, with a lucky owner expecting their vessel next summer. There was such a buzz about this new breed of boat that most orders were placed off-plan.

According to our Sales Director Hannah Le Prevost, this new evolution of J/Boat is the “epitome of classic J combined with new-age design. This boat is perfectly balanced to sail and is exceeding expectations on the water.”

J owners are passionate about their boats! And J cruising designs are among the most sought-after for their unique combination of sailing comfort and performance. The J/45 is the culmination of three years of collaborative work between the design, engineering and build teams at J/Boats and J/Composites to create a unique and compelling yacht for today’s sailors.

Managing Director at Key Yachting commented, “this J/45 is a beautiful mix of the classic J/Boat outside with the benefits of a luxury cruiser inside.” He added, this is also a good boat size for the UK market, and it hits the sweet spot for size and performance, being small enough to moor and big enough to embark on a world cruise.

Key Yachting was privileged to be one of the first international dealers to sail this vessel at the Cannes Yachting Festival and the first UK partner to get a sneak peek.


Is there an epic cruise you’ve dreamed of, or a signature racing event you’d give anything to enter? The J/45 can be sailed on her own bottom to almost anywhere in the world. Imagine setting sail from the Canary Islands in November on the ARC Cruising Rally to the Caribbean. Then, cruise the islands with the family over the holidays. Invite your sailing mates to join you in February for the Rolex Caribbean 600. Then, set off on another leisurely cruise. Unplug for weeks at a time or stay fully connected in “remote working” mode. Discover a healthier, happier life/work balance all while exploring the world and checking off your growing bucket list.

If you are interested in this new sailing experience, don’t hesitate to contact the team who can talk you through the vast advantages of this beautiful new addition to the J/Boat range.