J/99 BlackJack #66 – First Sail

Hull #66 for the J/99 was out for a first sail on Friday 19th March 2021. The proud owner of BlackJack is a long time J/Boats enthusiast that decided to upgrade his trusty J/105. Vernon chose the J/99 to fulfil an ambition to sail fast around the British Isles and enjoy a more leisurely pace to explore places along the way.

The J/99 (32′ 6″) does it all – combining great sailing performance and stability with below-decks comfort in a boat that can be sailed by just one or two people. The deck layout and sailplan are optimized for easy handling, while the roomy cockpit accommodates 8+ for fun day sailing. Want to jump into the next adventure-style overnight race or cruise? The J/99 will reward you with easy, high speed sailing whether solo, twin, or with the whole gang. For more information: Hannah@KeyYachting.com

For more information: hannah@keyyachting.com