The J/112E is for elegance and evolution in performance cruising design. 36 feet is a magic size in the J/Boats line-up. With a spacious two-cabin accommodation plan and a comfortable, ergonomic cockpit, the J/112E is as well suited for the annual cruise as she is sprinting to Mackinac Island or short-handing through rough weather. Versatility in sailboat design means not only a sailboat that can do many things, but one that can do them across a wide range of conditions, both fair and adverse.

The J/112E joins her sisterships, the J/97E and J/122E, as an exceptional upwind performer. V-shaped bow sections provide superior directional stability and reduced slamming in waves. Freeboard forward and topside flare help to keep the deck dry. A long waterline combined with a low vertical center of gravity results in a smooth, sea-kindly motion – more like that of a 40 footer.

J/112E is a moderate displacement design with a high aspect, non-overlapping sailplan. This efficient set-up provides ample sail power in light winds (while most others are motoring), and easy to down-shift options when the wind builds. J’s are known for being able to sail well under mainsail alone, jib alone, and nearly any combination of mainsail and small jib. The J/112E is no exception. All one needs is a mainsail and 105% jib to enjoy easy, high performance sailing in winds from 5 to 25 knots. For downwind fun with minimal effort and crew, one can deploy the asymmetric spinnaker from the retractable carbon sprit.


Basic Boat Info

  • Make: J Boats
  • Model: J/112E
  • Category: Sail
  • Construction: Fibreglass
  • Keel Type: Fin Keel


  • Hull length 10.99m
  • Waterline length 9.68m
  • Maximum beam 3.60m
  • Draught 2.10m
  • Upwind sail area with solent jib 65m²
  • Asymmetric spinnaker area 120m²
  • Displacement 5,125kg
  • Ballast weight 1,731kg
  • CE approval Category A


One 30 Horsepower inboard Engine.