The J Boat, still dominating Cowes Week and the Irish Calves Regatta

Cowes Week and the Calves Regatta in Schull, Ireland, have been and gone in a flash.

The Key Yachting team had a fantastic week sailing with and providing onshore support for the many great groups taking part.

Our range of J Boats dominated these events with a combination of performance, speed, and comfort, enabling many teams to achieve their goals and win the fiercely sought-after prizes. In fact, a 3rd of entries to Cowes were J Boats, with 34 boats in the J/70 Class, the second-largest class in the whole of Cowes Week.

Johnny Cooper owner of “Jooped”, a J/112e, racing in IRC 2 of Cowes. John and his newly established team finished 3rd in IRC2, just one point away from the top three boats. The teams’ skills in the mixed conditions across the week showed them triumph in the Red Funnel Newcomers Trophy. John, said, “we had a slow start to a very hot lively race and were faced with some great competition. My team worked hard and gave a sterling performance as we left it all out on the water. This is the best race we have had in the J112e yet, and we cannot wait to get out again to push its performance even further. Great work to the team.”

Johnny added, “with two J/112e boats finishing in the top three, it really shows the quality of the boat and its performance.”

Across both events, the results were outstanding.

In Cowes:

  • Class 1 – 1st and 2nd – J/111’s
  • Class 2 – 1st and 3rd – J/112e’s
  • Class 3 – 1st to 7th – J/97, J/92 and J/80
  • Plus 2 J Boat one design class – J/70 and J/109

In Schull:

  • Class 1 – 1st and 3rd – J/122 and J/109
  • Class 2 – 1st – J/80

Monday night of Cowes saw the much-coveted Key Yachting Cowes Week drinks party & hog Roast, sponsored by Salcombe Gin. This event brought together friends of Key Yachting, both new and old, to celebrate and exchange stories from the day.

Wayne Palmer, Owner of Key Yachting, said: “having bought Key Yachting only six months ago, our Cowes Week celebrations were an excellent opportunity to meet our clients outside of the office. We are so incredibly proud to support so many sailors who strive to extend their sailing experience. From Cowes to Cannes, Fastnet to The Arc, our range really can fit any need from pro-racers to lifestyle sailors.”

If you aspire to participate in Cowes or Calves Regatta, get in touch with the team today. With current delivery dates, we can secure your vessel for summer 2022.

If you want to grab some speed and performance a little quicker to get out on the water before the season ends, then check out our used boats. We currently have a good range of boats online and more coming all the time.