P40 Class Update

By Dave Swete

A great turnout of 16 boats for the P40’s at the Royal Southern provided for some very competitive racing, while the Solent dished up beautiful sunshine and some extremely light conditions for the entirety of the weekend. Despite the fickle conditions, Peter Bateson and his Race Committee team did a fantastic job of pumping out a whopping 7 races.

I have to say for me being on a slightly heavier bateau (bring on this weekend!!), the highlight of my weekend was most likely the Party at the Southern on Saturday night (the best in over a decade some tell me), however it gave a chance for some of the lighter P40’s to come to the fore, with the J111’s all in the top 5 and the ever consistent King 40’s completing the quintet.

In the end it was the Blair families Cobra that took home the bacon (after a very late night protest between a separate party and J/111 Red Herring), with the Dutch Team Red Herring taking second and Tony Mack’s J/111 McFly rounding out the podium.

As far as the overall points situation, J/122 Juno have relinquished their grip on the top spot to 2018 Champions Cobra, who seem to be on another timed run at the back end of the season. On the face of it, it currently looks like a 3 way fight for the Championship between Cobra, Juno and Nifty, however with the final two events of the season being 1.5 points and Double points respectively, there is the added pressure that comes with this as well as a ‘drop’ that comes into play for the likes of Dusty P and Sailplane (who both missed last weekend)…… watch this space.

So with 3 remaining events (the final 2 carrying extra points) and the Performance 40 National’s kicking off today at the Squadron, everything is set for a fantastic finale to the season.