New Grand Soleil 44 Announced at Düsseldorf Boat Show

New Grand Soleil 44 Announced at Düsseldorf Boat Show

Yesterday evening in Düsseldorf, we attended the press launch of the new release from Cantiere del Pardo, the shipyard repsonsible for the Grand Soleil line of beautifully crafted performance yachts. We are pleased to share the details of the announcement with you below.

“The new 44-footer completes the Grand Soleil Yachts Performance range, dedicated to owners in search of a boat that offers high performance, with the ability to achieve great regatta results, positioning itself among the GS 34, GS 48 and GS 58.”

Hull length: 44 ft
Maximum beam: 14 ft
Displacement: 19.850 lb
Ballast: 5.5950 lb

There are three different drafts to choose from: standard 2.50m, with options for 2.40m and 2.80m.


To rise to the challenge of a new 44 Performance model, Cantiere del Pardo turned to a designer who has been described as the “Wizard of ORC,” Matteo Polli. Matteo’s designs have triumphed in three world championships and two Italian championships since 2015, as well as finishing on the podium at many other important European regattas.

The new 44-footer completes the Grand Soleil Yachts Performance range, dedicated to owners in search of a boat that offers high performance, with the ability to achieve great regatta results, positioning itself among the GS 34, GS 48 and GS 58.

As already seen on board the Grand Soleil 48, the GS 44 will also be available in two versions: one for cruising, with a different sail plan set-up and deck to simplify manoeuvres, and the other will be more suited to racing.

Style and elegance complete the DNA of this new 44-footer which resumes the family feeling of the other models of the range.

Gigi Servidati, head of new model development at Cantiere del Pardo, explains the philosophy of this new hull: “Performance, style, elegance, navigability and safety. It has been a great stimulus to think up this new Grand Soleil 44 Performance, because we wanted to design a boat with all these characteristics. I asked Matteo Polli to realise a hull with good shape stability, which could win regattas but not too extreme in the lines to avoid penalising volumes”.

GS44 Race

GS44 Race

Completing the Grand Soleil Performance Range

Nauta Design were once again recruited to collaborate with the Technical Department of Cantiere del Pardo, for the exterior and interior design.

Vincenzo Candela, chief engineer of the Technical Department at Cantiere Del Pardo, comments on the birth of the new GS 44 as follows: “This new model has allowed us to achieve the great target of completing the new Grand Soleil Performance range. The GS 44 is the only boat on the market to offer the possibility of the double layout of the deck to satisfy both owners with racing ambitions and owners who prefer cruising and appreciate an aggressive but elegant design, a distinctive feature of every Grand Soleil. 

An extremely clean-cut layout, three cabins and two bathrooms both with
separate walk-in shower complete the boat.

Particularly stimulating for the entire Technical Department was the new collaboration with Matteo Polli: we found ourselves immediately on the same wavelength in terms of the goal and achieved our target, the most beautiful and fastest cruiser on the market in its category is about to be born. And now we will apply our maximum concentration to make it win on the first regattas.”


Massimo Gino of Nauta Design speaks of this new hull as follows: “The collaboration between Nauta (Exterior and Interior Design), the Technical Department of Cantiere del Pardo and Matteo Polli (Naval Architecture) has led to the development of the 44 Performance, the most performance oriented model of the entire Grand Soleil range.

The deck, which resumes the family feeling of her big sisters is, if possible, even more streamlined and sporty, with the addition of several important new touches of styles on the geometries of the deckhouse, on the sheer line and on the transom.

Despite a light and sporty hull, the interior liveability is astounding for the volume that can be used and perceived. Following the trend of the latest Grand Soleil Performance models, the on-deck space available on the 44’ to race in a regatta and to enjoy the boat in cruise mode is truly remarkable, with cockpit dimensions that have been increased significantly, compared to previous models”.

The soul of the new Grand Soleil 44 is that of a performance cruiser which knows how to be competitive on the IRC and ORC regattas: a boat that is easy to use for both cruising and racing in regattas. The lines of the hull are modern and aesthetically delightful.

The distinctive features of the boat include the positioning of the mast further aft, to allow a greater forward sail area to maximise performance, taking into account average Mediterranean conditions. This enables the cabins to move further forward, and facilitates a larger cockpit compared to preceding models.

Matteo Polli explains this decision as follows: “The position of the mast on the new GS 44 is more aft to benefit the dimensions of the fore triangle. The larger size of the jibs not only improves the performance in light air but also makes the boat more agile in coming out of turns. Furthermore, this feature allows the use of self-tacking sails for cruising that maintain very respectful area and proportions. A large fore triangle also allows to make the best use of rollable sails (foresail, jib, Code 0), ideal on cruises and in regattas, where emphasis is on the right sail at the right moment without the need for conventional demanding sail changes.

GS 44 Performance

GS 44 Performance

Deck Layout

The maximum beam of 4m is essential to maximise the stability of shape, but also to ensure large volumes both on deck and in the interiors.

Simple technical solutions have been integrated with the aesthetics of the deck that can be equipped with six winches (race set-up) or four winches within reach of the helmsman if cruising and easysailing is preferred.

The self-tacking jib is standard, to allow easy management of the boat, but transverse rails can be mounted on request to regulate the jib lead. The result is a deck level that guarantees excellent performance and speed in manoeuvres during a regatta and when cruising.

Sail Plan

As already seen on board the Grand Soleil 48, the 44 also offers the possibility of choosing between two different sail plans: standard, with aluminium mast intended more for the cruise sector, and race, which is larger and made from carbon for the competitive sector.

Amazing Interior

The interior features three cabins and two bathrooms (both with separate walk-in shower). The liveability of the space is astounding, considering the sporty nature of the hull. The volumes perceived are truly remarkable.

The space below deck enjoys a generous beam which provides large and comfortable volumes: the L-shaped kitchen is positioned to the left, the dinette is composed of a comfortable U-shaped sofa with a dining table at the centre which can seat up to 8 people and, on the right, of the walled in sofa for three with chart table positioned against the bow bulkhead.

The master cabin, with a comfortable double bed, small sofa and dedicated bathroom, is generous in size.

The considerable natural light that enters through the various hull windows makes the interior space even more comfortable.

A Fierce Contender at Global Regattas

This new model does not intend to conceal its racing soul. Matteo Polli has optimised the design to achieve a hull that will allow maximum performance and performance/rating ratio. The clear goal is to maintain balanced hull lines to simplify navigation even for the less experienced owners. The fundamental parameters of the hull were chosen based on an in-depth study: four different hulls were subjected to CFD and VPP analysis to achieve the best optimisation in the real performance of the boat and in the performance/rating ratio.

GS 44 Race

GS 44 Race

The Grand Soleil 44 will make her debut at Cannes Boat Show, 8-13 September 2020. To arrange your priority viewing, simply reply to this email or call +44 (0) 23 8045 5669.