Nautitech Catamarans and Bavaria Yacht-BAU 23rd April 2018

News broke over the weekend, that the shareholders of the Bavaria Yacht building group, have placed the German yacht building section of the operation, into the control of an Administrator.

The Administrator has been tasked with running the operation whilst a new investor owner of the company can be found.

A little over 2.5 years ago, the Bavaria group began the purchase of Nautitech from Bruno Voisard and his French partners.

To this day, the Catamaran business remains in Rochefort France. It is an independent French company with its own employees, suppliers and bank accounts. Seen as the “jewel in the crown” of the Bavaria group, the well managed and profitable Catamaran business is already attracting interest from potential buyers.

Whilst we understand that both the Catamaran division and the struggling German operation will probably soon be under new ownership, or indeed ownerships, the operation of the Catamaran business is completely unaffected by the situation in Germany. Therefore trading, delivery and after sales service continue as before.