J Composites Celebrates 25 Years!

J Composites are celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the yard and their partnership with J Boats, a union they describe as ‘a truly great group of yacht builders and dedicated sailors.’

This statement has been issued by the shipyard today.

“Our journey began with the J/92 in 1994, quickly followed by the J/80 the following year. Before long, hundreds of J/Composites built J’s were sailing in dozens of countries across Europe, and the foundation was firmly laid that would lead to building the full line of J/Models from 22’ to 43’, and a successful 25 year relationship together. An important turning point came in 2001 with the launch of the J/109, the first new J design to be tooled, developed and launched outside of the USA. The success of this model opened the door to new collaborations between J/Boats designer Alan Johnstone and Didier LeMoal, President of J/Composites, including the development of the J/97, J/122, the E series of racing/cruising yachts (J/112E, J/122E) and most recently the award winning J/99.

In addition to other models like the J/88, J/92s, J/100, J/105, J/110, J/120 and J/133, J/Composites has successfully built and helped promote and grow the most active keelboat one design classes sailing in Europe today including the International J/70, International J/80, and International J/111. We congratulate Didier LeMoal, Fred Bouvier and the entire J/Composites staff for 25 years of great work. We can’t wait to see what the next 25 years have in store!”

La Trinté-sur-Mer le 26 mars 2016, Spi Ouest-France 2016.
Photo © Jean-Marie LIOT