J Boats in the chocolates for RORC Myth of Malham

2021 RORC Myth of Malham Race (Round Eddystone)

230 nautical miles

Start: Saturday 29th May 2021

One hundred and twenty five boats started the RORC Myth of Malham, held over the Bank Holiday Weekend. 27 J Boats and Grand Soleil Yachts were racing with J/133 Pintia winning IRC One and placing second overall.

There was more much to smile about for the J Boats family and not just the spectacular weather! Michael O’Donnell’s J/121 Darkwood was second in IRC One. Christopher Daniel’s J/122E Juno was third in class. Maxime Mesnil’s J/99 Axe Sail, taking part in its debut race, was third in class by just 19 seconds. Ten J/109s were in action, Mike Yates’ JAGO was the first J/109 to finish, racing double handed with Eivind Bøymo-Malm.

High pressure at the start of the race, delivered light to moderate conditions with brilliant sunshine for a magnificent spinnaker run down the South Coast of England. On the morning of Day Two, as the majority of the fleet were rounding the Eddystone Lighthouse, the wind speed increased to over 20 knots from the northeast. A feisty beat in confused seas lasted for about seven hours. The wind faltered later in the race creating calm seas, which combined with a strong unfavourable tide, to slow the progress of the smaller boats.

J/133 Pintia © Paul Wyeth

Gilles Fournier & Corinne Migraine’s French J/133 Pintia won the Jamarella Trophy and placed second overall for the fleet. IRC Two produced the most competitive contest for a class podium with less than 20 minutes separating the Pintia, Sunrise and Juno, after 36 hours of racing.

“We are very pleased to race the Myth of Malham our first race since Cherbourg in 2019,” commented Pintia’s Gilles Fournier. “We were very eager to come to England in spite of the pandemic. Even with all the safety measures in place, we received a good welcome in Cowes. For the race, we had friendly and well-sailed competitors, and Pintia is delighted to have won our class. On the way back, Portland Bill was tough with a lot of tide, and we were overtaken by our competitors, but we got back, which was so nice. Thank you to the RORC for a great race!”

Round Ireland Two-Handed record-holder Pamela Lee, who has ambitions to compete in the Figaro Class, sent this report from on board J/133 Pintia as they crossed the line.

Myth of Malham Trophies and Medallions will be presented on Saturday 11th September at the RORC Cowes Clubhouse at 1930 hrs. All skippers and crews are most welcome.