J/99 Bucket List

When life gives you an opportunity, there is a real sense of accomplishment when you take it. We all have dreams, the knack is working out a way to achieve them.

In 1974, under guidance from their father, two young kids called Rod and Bob Johnstone built a boat in their garage. Since that proto-type, 12000 J Boats have followed.

The J/99 is one of the latest designs from J Boats and 90 boats have been sold worldwide. With an overall length of  just under 10m, the design and build provide sailing performance, stability, and a comfortable full interior. This is a boat that can be sailed at speed and comfort across an ocean.

All J Boats have racing in their DNA and the J/99 is ideal for racing inshore and offshore. With a full interior and a roomy cockpit, the J/99 is just as suitable for friends and family for a fun day out.

The performance and capabilities of the J/99 have been widely recognised by the world’s yachting press as a truly fun, fast, evolutionary boat. Recent awards include the SAIL’s Best Boats- Performance Award, SAILING WORLD’s Boat of the Year- Best Crossover Boat, and the British Yachting Awards – Performance Yacht award.

J Boats founder, Rod Johnstone’s latest boat is a J/99. Rod and his friends recently sailed Jazz, over 1200 miles through the Atlantic Ocean from Rhode Island to Bermuda, and back.

Four J/99s will be racing in this year’s Rolex Fastnet Race, recognised as one of the world’s toughest yacht races. The 600-mile race around the iconic Fastnet Lighthouse has been on the bucket list of  many sailors for close to a century.

The J/99 is a genuine cruiser/racer and that’s why Vernon Bradley chose J/99 BlackJack as his bucket list boat. Vernon is set to achieve his dream of sailing around Great Britain at pace with friends and family. However, taking time from port to port to appreciate his homeland and race at regattas.

“The J/99 opens up a wide range of sailing possibilities,” said designer Alan Johnstone. “The versatile sail plan, balanced hull form and efficient cockpit are ideal for short-handed offshore sailing as well as weekend sailing with friends. The J/99 packs a lot of performance and versatility into a manageable size and budget.”

J/99 BlackJack will be at the South Coast Boat Show 7-9 May. Viewings are by appointment only. Take your opportunity to achieve your dream.

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