“Get on the water and enjoy it” – Day racing in a Tofinou 8

We caught up with sailing enthusiasts Caroline Aisher and Julian Cook, the proud owners of a Tofinou 8, about their recent sailing adventure at the Dartmouth Regatta.  

It was a beautiful day for the Brixham to Dartmouth passage race which is a feeder race for Dartmouth Regatta. The Cruiser class was a good mixed fleet with Cruiser Racers including a couple of Tofinou 8’s and around 30+ dayboats. The Tofinou is a popular boat for these types of races across the UK and is perfect for variable weather conditions.  

Caroline said, “we had a tricky start, but managed to get some clean air and get away from the land where the water was light and sloppy. We followed the tide as the wind died and managed to pop the kite helping us to get through the turbulent water around Berry Head. It was challenging, but we managed to get through.  After that, we were rewarded with shoals of porpoises feeding all around us on our way towards the Mewstone Rocks and the Finish at Dartmouth.” 

The crew were lucky to keep racing as a lot of boats didn’t manage to get around Berry Head before the wind died. In the end, the team enjoyed a good race, and Caroline “was very pleased with 1st place.”  

One of the reasons Caroline is happy she and her husband invested in the Tofinou 8 is the social aspect sailing affords them. They were able to have friends stay with them and join them for the Regatta and they had a chance to catch up with the Tofinou 7 owners as well. 

Caroline said, “sailing alongside a nice fleet of boats in the cruiser division suited our boat; we had some good races with excellent courses and strong breezes that meant we were able to achieve 2nd place overall, which was fabulous.” 

At Key Yachting, we find our clients enjoy the vessels we supply for the combination of racing success and leisure time. Caroline is an excellent example of a passionate yacht owner who tries to get out three times a week on the water. She said, “you can easily sail the boat with one or two crew, but the most we have is four,” this yacht is versatile in its shorthanded option.   

In her final statement, Caroline’s top tip for any budding sailor is to “just get on the water and enjoy it.” That sounds wonderful to us!