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J Boats

Key Yachting are the exclusive agent for J Boats in the UK and Ireland.J Boats can be found at almost every big regatta in the UK. The number of Js here means there are numerous one design fleets dotted around the country, while in areas with fewer boats, J Boats are raced under IRC with enormous success.

It’s not hard to understand why the J Boats revolution has taken the sailing world by storm. They are easily controlled, forgiving and sea-kindly but at the same time incredibly exciting to sail and race. The advanced composite construction ensures that for their size, these boats are faster, lighter and stronger than their contemporaries. Since the launch of the J/24 in 1978, these performance cruiser-racers have developed and evolved and have increased in popularity ever since. The J/105, launched in 1991, was the first of the ‘J-Sprit’ models from J Boats, which feature retractable carbon-fibre bowsprits and asymmetric spinnakers. It is perhaps the success of these asymmetric designs which has ensured that the J Boats brand is now synonymous with this kind of performance cruiser-racer.

While other manufacturers may sell more boats, J Boats have won the high-end, performance-oriented segment of the market. Theirs is the so-called racer/cruiser category: boats that perform well on the race course but which are comfortable and easy enough for the family to daysail or cruise or cross oceans or race short-handed.

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J Boats Range


The J/70 is the boatbuilder’s biggest success story yet, with a whopping 900 sold in her first three years on the market. Quick yet stable, the J/70 offers families and competitive racers alike a very easy to maintain daysailer, which can be owner-launched and trailered, avoiding costly marina fees.

Click here to view the J/70.


The 26 foot J/80 sportsboat is incredibly versatile. If your interest lies in class one-design racing in the UK or internationally, then look no further. Additionally, the J/80 is competitive under IRC and also under the Sportsboat Rule, which is why it is the first choice for both club sailors and championship racers across the globe. Factor in the family friendly cabin space, huge cockpit, and the boat’s performance and manageability, and it’s easy to see why the J/80 is such a winner.

Click here to view the J/80.


This mid-size performance sprit boat is fast, fun and stable, with the security and comfort of a sit-in cockpit, inboard diesel, weekending interior and onboard head. The J/88 will appeal to small keelboat sailors looking for the next step up in speed and comfort and big boat sailors looking to downsize to a fun, affordable boat that can be sailed single-handed.

Click here to view the J/88.


This elegant 31 foot design which features a lifting keel and twin rudders, offers a new level of sailing joy, and broadens the day sailing and weekending horizons of those living or berthing in the many shallow harbours and estuaries around the coast of the UK and Ireland.

Click here to view the J/95.

evoJ/97 Evolution

An outstanding performer under IRC, the J/97 combines 6’ headroom and family cruising accommodations in a high performance, easily driven hull. The new Evolution model offers a slightly revised cockpit layout to accommodate the new wheel driven option, along with new coachroof and hull windows.

Click here to view the J/97E.


There’s nothing quite like steering a sleek, fast boat with a light touch on the tiller, the stability of a keel below, being close to the water and sliding through waves with barely a wake or whisper. The J/100 is designed to recapture those simple joys of sailing.

Click here to view the J/100.


The J/105 is a classic. A fun and forgiving performance boat that is easy to sail, the J/105 offers low maintenance with a simple layout, has great performance, a large cockpit, predictable handling characteristics and makes no pretences of being a distance cruiser or live-aboard.

Click here to view the J/105.


The J/108 is a 35 foot performance cruiser, with a lifting centre-board enabling a sailing draft of just four feet. This is the same centre-board system that has been employed with huge success on the smaller, J/95. The J/108 also features twin rudders and wheel steering, thus ensuring superb stability and manageability in a boat that is still exciting to sail.

Click here to view the J/108.


There are over 100 J/109s sailing and racing in UK and Irish waters and it’s not hard to understand why. This 36 footer offers great one design racing opportunities and continues to pull in the wins whilst racing under IRC. She features a simple but spacious and comfortable interior, with full standing head-room and so whether you are keen to cruise fast with your family or turn heads on the race-course, she will fit the bill nicely.

Click here to view the J/109.


The J/111 is a sleek, speedy, one-design 36 footer that daysails, races, and weekend cruises like no other. The J/111 is an easy-to-handle, comfortable-to-sail boat that accelerates quickly, slices to windward at 7+ knots and hits double-digit speeds downwind. It is designed to be the best performing, easiest-to-sail boat of its size on the market, whilst offering the creature comforts needed (6′ headroom) to satisfy the occasional overnight cruise.

Click here to view the J/111.


Answering demand for thrilling big-boat sailing without the need to assemble a large crew, the J/11S is a new 36’ (11 meter) double-handed, offshore J/Boat designed to compete in the double-handed IRC circuit in Europe.

Click here to view the J/11S.


With a spacious two-cabin accommodation plan and a comfortable, ergonomic cockpit, the J/112E is as well suited for the annual family cruise as she is racing in the local club regatta or short-handing through rough weather.

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The new J/121 is a 40’ offshore speedster that can be day raced or distance sailed by just 5 or less crew…. the best short-handed J ever…. capable of winning on any race track while also excelling in daysailing and weekend mode.

Click here to view the J/121.

122eJ/122 Evolution

The 2014 facelift version of the notoriously successful under IRC J/122, this forty-foot asymmetric performance cruiser-racer benefits from a redesigned interior and exterior, with a modern feel and welcome hull windows. Winner of RORC’s Yacht of the Year, the J/122 has matured into an extremely successful race boat both around-the-cans and offshore. In 2014 a J/122 was crowned overall winner of the Rolex Middle Sea Race.

Click here to view the J/122 Evolution.


The ideal mid-40s length racer/cruiser…and winner of Sailing World Magazine’s Overall Boat of the Year, J/133 is a yacht with the stability for short-handed cruising, race winning speed under IRC & PHRF, and durability for rough offshore passages. Add in the retractable carbon bowsprit and flying and handling the asymmetrical spinnaker becomes a breeze.

Click here to view the J/133.